If yoga is your passion or you have always been interested in learning, then setting aside time during your stay at Golden Clouds for yoga will be a truly memorable experience. Enhance the physical, mental and emotional aspects of yoga and meditation in such beautiful and tranquil settings as on the upper veranda at sunrise or sunset, or in the tropical gardens, on the lawn, or even on the beach. Whichever location you choose, Golden Clouds is designed to provide the utmost in peace and tranquility, to allow you to practice yoga asanas (postures) on your own or with the guidance of an instructor.

Meditation in the evenings at Golden Clouds is awe-inspiring with spectacular starry nights and warm Caribbean breezes. An open air meditation area is available on the second floor sundeck and provides a magical location to practice meditation.

Spa treatments are also offered at Golden Clouds. A range of treatments are prices are available and services include massage, aroma therapy, and conditioning treatments.

Golden Clouds also offers Yoga retreats where the entire villa is booked for a week of yoga, meditation, and nutritious meals.